1. How does SmartRank pricing work?

Clients are quoted an upfront price that guarantees the client will rank on the first page of major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo for the majority of their target keywords within 6 months. If we cannot get a local site top 10 rankings in the major search engines during this time, we offer a full refund. For national campaigns, if we do not reach the guaranteed rankings, we will continue to provide free services until the guarantee is met.

2. How long does it usually take to achieve rankings?

Clients typically start to notice sustainable ranking increases after 1-2 months. Across thousands of keywords, we see programs that take weeks, and others that take months. Therefore, we set expectations with every customer that the SEO process must be a consistent approach.

3. Why havent I heard of any other companies doing this?

Our proprietary SEO Opportunity Tool determines keywords that your site has a good probability to rank for based on the competitive landscape for the select keyword, or phrase. The tools algorithm reviews over (80) variables that are valued by the Search Engines. Due to this approach, were willing to assume the risk.

4. How does SmartRanks pricing compare to other SEO companies?

Based on customer feedback, our pricing is typically never the highest, or the lowest.

5. How does SmartRank achieve rankings?

SmartRank uses proven , 100% white-hat SEO practices to achieve rankings and abides by industry standards, including: credible link building, relevant blog postings, trusted social bookmarking, and select directory submissions in order to build a consistent, customized SEO program for each and every customer.

Our SEO Team has partnerships with hundreds of publishers, blogs, and directory sites. Nearly all SmartRank SEO activities result in permanent exposure, even if the program is no longer in Active status. We work with our partners to identify relevant context for opportunities to further strengthen our customers SEO programs.

6. How long does this pricing last?

Keyword pricing is locked on the Activation Date, and will not change. Customers can cancel at any time with no deactivation fees.

7. Does SmartRank accept any website and/or small business?

We accept most websites, although we dont accept any businesses related to gambling, pharmaceuticals, adult-material, or other offensive content.

8. How often are Ranking Reports provided?

As a SmartRank client, you are given access to your own SmartRank Client Dashboard, where you can view live ranking updates and link building progress reports whenever you feel like it.

9.Will SmartRank help with On-Page & Activation Set-up?

Absolutely! We do not charge any fees for On-Page Optimisation consultation, and well definitely spend dedicated time to ensure that your pages are optimally set-up for the search engines review.

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