Recommended Social Media Tools

Nov 9

Recommended Social Media Tools

The expansion of social media in recent years has paved the way for dashboard interfaces to manage multiple accounts from one location.

Imagine if you could keep track of all the recent updates and happenings on social media sites like LinkedIn, Buzz, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook from one single location.

Hootdeck appears to have taken this idea well on board because they seamlessly integrate connectivity with accessibility, making it possible to track and retain a range of information from social media sites and monitor it from one central location.

The social media SEO revolution has even gone mobile with Hoot Suite creating its own smart-phone app to ensure that not only those with a PC have access to this valuable information.

Seesmic is another company following Hootdecks example, however their approach is to provide a minimal yet simple and easy to use interface for improved usability. Clean and lean is often more effective than packing an interface full of unnecessary features when it comes to reaching customers on the internet.

The catch with all of these interfaces is that you need the internet to maintain and update them, but in this day and age thats not really an issue. Being able to simplify the often impossible task of keeping track of all your important account details means improved efficiency is very welcomed, leading to a much less stressful mind.

Tweetdeck does just that ? Similar to Hootsuite, it provides a platform for easy interaction with multiple websites through a unified interface.

Instead of opening up a tab or window for each site, everything is on the screen in an easy-to-read, interactve format.

Netvibes is another company which attempts to merge multiple social media sites functionality into one package, however unlike the others mentioned above it was originally just an RSS news feeder. Since its inception however, its exploded into a much more interactive dashboard that can be personally customized by the individual user, putting control back where it should be. This company has now even made it possible to seek out content from these social media sites for you, placing the power of social media literally at your fingertips.

Google of course also has their hand in this pie ? As with most of their inventions, its desinged to do one thing and do it well. Their Alerts tool allows you to input the keywords for topics youre interested in, and in return provides you with a daily update of sites and new content that match those words.

It sounds so simple, but the internet is the information super-highway and the more information thats available to you without having to search for it, the better off you are for it. A site by the name of Threadsy is another important one to mention ? This site has made it possible to access all of your e-mail inboxes from one location ? A simple idea, but one thats no doubt sorely needed by a number of business-types and social media freaks out there who connect and work seemingly around the clock.

The most recent range of tools appear to be going that extra step to show you exactly what it is that other people are searching for in real time!

Addict-o-matic lets you enter a few keywords or a brand name and at the push of a button, it will generate a list of the most recent content relating to those searches for you from a range of different social media sites including Digg, Flickr, Google Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Myspace and a range of others.

Twazzup caters to the twitter users out there ? Similar to the Addict-o-matic program above, it offers you real-time results of the most recent tweets for a given search phrase. Not only that but it will also put your results into categories so they can be more easily managed. Users also have the option of obtaining an in-depth summary or report of the latest tweets, as well as an analytical tool to gain insight into whats being said, and more importantly which of your competition is saying it.

Social Mention is another one that lets you see whats being talked about right now ? Like Google Alerts, this site allows you to receive e-mail updates for particular keyword searches, except for social media sites like Facebook and MySpace. The searches that you can carry out on Social Mention are sorted by hash tags, original source or user, lastly and most importantly by post ranking. Another benefit to this site is the ability to get an idea of exactly how your companys brand stacks up against the competitions based on your social media buzz and presence.

Thanks to the social media craze, the world is now overflowing with information and companies will always be trying their best to integrate the browsing experience into your computer as fluently as possible.

MyWeboo has managed to achieve this already, making it possible to access a large number of social media sites from within the Windows Explorer browsing area of your PC!

This is unlike the other social media interfaces, literally bringing social media to your PC or laptop computers desktop. Its approach is to allow you to monitor a multitude of social-media hubs in one place with ease, whether youre searching for the latest news or the newest popular songs, so youll always be kept up to date with the latest and greatest trends in your desired areas.

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